For a Christian Lady, Exactly What Site Supplies The Finest Men/Women Ratio?

Reader Question:

For a Christian lady, just what site supplies the best meet lesbians near men to women proportion?

-Patty B. Massillon (Kansas)

Expert’s Answer:

Hello Patty B.,

Thanks for creating in! Inside guide “The Unguide to Dating,” writers Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz write, “there is certainly one useful problem that, for the cash, rises to reach the top: in which are all the males? Both anecdotally and mathematically, the disparity from inside the proportion of solitary women to males when you look at the church is actually scary.”

The duo continues on to number stats and ideas as to why ladies outnumber men from inside the Christian online dating world. Consequently, Patty, your enquiry is actually a hot subject.

According to, a data-driven evaluation website, listed here are statistics for most of the very most preferred internet sites: Christian Mingle (38percent male and 62per cent female), (49percent male and 51percent feminine), eHarmony (33percent male and 67percent female) and (52percent male and 48per cent female).

Additionally, Christian Dating free of charge, Christian Cafe and a large number of other people to use. I’m hoping this helps within find an ideal man.